Total Education Summit
December 2018
Who's the summit for?
Industry leaders wishing to connect with their prospects and educate them about opportunities.
At Total Education Summit we're bringing together international education providers from all over the world to connect them with students and their families from Russian market.
The goal of the Summit is to open global opportunities to students from Russian-speaking countries and educate them about possibilities within the world of international education.
We know that not all the programs, countries and schools get equal exposure: hence, we decided to bridge this gap.
During the week of summit thousands of students from Russia and Russian-speaking countries will get a chance to listen to and connect with representatives of educational institutions first-hand.
All the participants of the summit will get recordings of the webinars and a chance to go through the material in their spare time.
We vouch for transparency and reliability of information since we invite only our trusted partners.
Summit is an essential event for our learning community since the major difficulty for the students and families is the very first step: taking a decision on country, program and educational institution that will help them satisfy their ambitions.
What the Summit is about
Global educational opportunities in six dimensions
Showcasing countries and visa policies
Educational Programs
Differences in between various educational programs, from school-level (IB/A-levels) to non-degree, certificate and degree programs
Professions & Careers
New and traditional careers and how to get the most up-to-date education
Preparation and exams
What does it take to get to the school of your dream
Scholarships and Financing
Ways of financing education and scholarship opportunities
Employment opportunities
Employment opportunities after getting a degree
Dates and time
December 10-15, 2018
2 pm GMT - 8 pm GMT
Why participate in the summit
Connect with Russian market at an entirely new level
Showcase your expertise

We're the first online event that showcases information at an entirely new level. Instead of giving marketing materials, we're winning with an amazing quality content. You can help us provide it and become The Expert.
Co-create content for Russian market
All content created during and for the summit will be used for potential Jey Academy students to help them make a decision when they're picking a university or a boarding school overseas.
Connect with 1000+ students
Our existing database alone counts with 12 000 former clients, as well as some 5 000 local partners. We're confident that the event will be our highlight of the year and a decision making point for many
Hosts of Total Education Summit
Jey Study is a leading educational agency and an educational tour operator in Russia with over 1000 students per annum.
We've been operating since 2008 and currently have presence in 6 Russian cities. Our academic placements are handled by Jey Academy project working 100% remotely. Head of Jey Academy is Maria Sirotkina, Jey Study co-founder.
Ready to get involved?
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